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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

     Crushing the Enemy Part ll
     Abraham believed God. Now the miracle with Abraham happened after he believed. And because he believed God, he acted. I don't think he acted on a presumption, he responded to the dream God gave him. So I ask myself, what is it that God is telling me?
     We live in a neighborhood that is lonely for God. I have a neighbor whose daughter is in the first grade, and attends our Kids Club that meets during the school year. I saw her Grandmother who also lives in our neighborhood on election day and she was concerned that Kids Clubs was ending for the summer.  She also said she liked my sandals! My first thought was to take them off my feet and give them to her, but these were my best pair of flat shoes for the summer and I wore them practically everyday, so I changed my mind and asked her what size she wore. A few hours later I was chatting with those who attend our bible study and talked about Grandma admiring my sandals and asking for a summer program for her grand-daughter. I wanted to teach something, but had so many committments for the summer I couldn't do it every week. 
     "Why don't you do something once a month and have 3 sessions for the summer?"
      I thought, I could do that! Then someone chipped in money for a bible for the grand-daughter and another said her son (who works in a shoe store) could get a pair of sandals the same color as mine in the right size for grandma.
     The pastor gave the bible to the first-grader and I really wanted to tell her how much God loved her more than anyone else could love her and the next morning, I was on my way to my local grocer and there she was sitting on the side of the road waiting for the bus with her bible in hand! So I had a little chat with her and told her what was jangling around in my heart about how much God loves her!

Like Abraham, I'm a beleiver, too!