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Thursday, August 29, 2013

You Don't Need a Gym

     You don't need a gym if you have a country road, a dog and a set of free weights. Improvise! My dog gets me up in the morning (if I let her), I don't need a cup of Java or tea. Lili is ready and I've got to get moving before she tears into a possum or worse yet, a skunk! I grab my 5 lb. weights which are laying, waiting, by the front door, and I'm off down a side lane next to a cemetery, surrounded by fields. It's a perfect 'work-out' room- the scenery is incredible and I even have a few inclines, or knolls as they call them here in Southern Indiana. I'll just have to stick with the morning routine and enjoy the benefits!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Breaking Tradition

     I ran my hands over the smooth finish of the Walnut case, it's insides covered in felt to protect the pieces of gold-tipped silverware I've held onto for more than twenty years. I saw my father smile as I held the platter filled to the brim with fresh vegies, cut and placed in a circular pattern, their colors bright and cheerful echoing the sentiment of the afternoon. More memories of family gatherings held together by culinary delights raced through my mind. My mother along with others cousins and aunts and a few from my new family brought them to our home as wedding gifts, and I've only used them on holidays - the times of celebration when the house is full of family and friends.

But the other day I was cooking up a dessert, along with the final prep for dinner and I ran out of serving utensils. It occurred to me that I could use those beautiful pieces of silverware, hidden in that walnut case on the other side of the kitchen in the dining room. So I walked over to the hutch, swung the door wide open and pulled the wooden box away from the linens that were stacked on top. As I lifted open the lid, it was Christmas in July!! It was empowering! I was using my good silverware for an everyday meal!

They have a new home now, outside of their walnut box, laying in the drawer, mixed in with all of my everyday silverware, making every meal a real treat!