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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Tribute To My Father

I remember most mornings before school hearing  the music of popular composers and jazz artists blowing their horns;  opera singers belting out chorus and verse of songs, as we sat eating  - the notes and rhythms cascading around the breakfast table.  Music was the background to my morning routine. To this day I’m drawn to these musicians and their creative rush of melody and song.

I remember how much you enjoyed the classics, and we were brought into your world, living in this creative culture of beauty and sound that seemed to help you harness your artistic passion. It is a passion that is full of courageous expression of inward enthusiasms. I wonder just how many illustrations, paintings, drawings and sketches you have brought to life on canvas, or in your sculptured bronze patinas.

Thanks for staying in your creative zone dad, and bringing to us the imaginative energies of your gift that gave me hope to find my own passions in life.

Happy Father’s Day