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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Parade People -Matthew 21:1-11

Why was it such a surprise for some? Parades usually aren't a surprise, and not everyone was happy about the whole outdoor procession.  Others were asking, "What's He doing?" Jerusalem should have known the Messiah was coming - but they didn't like the 'interruption'. They were irritated. This King interrupted their plans. But often we plan poorly. It's heart-breaking that what could have been a lavish, victorious celebration, became an upheaval. It was a divided experience.

What do we have to do to celebrate God's way? Expect God to interrupt our plans regularly. Let God give us His ideas. Crucifixion looked like a bad choice! The worst choices we humans can make will not mess up God's intentions or the Son of God being King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Welcome interruption as God's hand - believe that God has the upper hand. Follow Him in joy and get in the front of the parade! The Kingdom of God is 'already upon us' so let's prepare for the parade because we're parade people!

Excerpts from Harley's sermon April 17, 2011

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