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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life Begins at 70 For Abraham!

"Life began for Abraham at age 70", writes Eugene Pederson in The Way of Jesus. I know I don't want to wait until I'm in my 70's to do something significant with my life or to have some kind of impact in the Kingdom of God, but Pastor Harley says we have to ask the right question. It's not what can I do for God, but what is God doing and what's my part? You might say, God is a 'live-stream' and we jump into it and get involved with what God is accomplishing. And it's more than positive-thinking says Pastor Harley, it's thinking Godly.

Paul is reviewing the life of Abraham, on his journey into faith, who was not alone in his quest for faith. One time God intervened, and alerted an agnostic king who was about to sleep with Abraham's wife. Abraham lied, and told the king, Abimelech, that Sarah was his sister. In spite of his doubts, God used Abraham mightily - he was a father of many nations. What is remarkable about this is that Sarah was childless until she was very old, past her child-bearing years. Actually she was at least 90 years old when she bore her first son, Isaac. For Abraham, having his own family looked impossible, it was impossible. But God promised the impossible and made good on it.

"Plug into the success of all eternity."             
Excerpts from Pastor Harley's sermon 3.18.11  Romans 4:1-5; 13-17


  1. Well, a different life began for me at that age of 70 when I got a Nikon SLR camera. I find both spirituality and fun taking pictures. It's provided for me excitement at the way I see this glorious world God made for us. And now with my Canon with its macro lens, I'm seeing the details that were hidden and now are apparent. Alleluia!

  2. Wow Scrappy Grams! How awesome is this?! Your blog is so full of energy and creativity. You Go Girl!Beautiful photos!