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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ways and Means

You might say the Ways and Means Committee gives us a charge in Matthew 28:
          “Go out and train everyone you meet far and near in this way of life.”

When you read an instruction manual, sometimes you might have trouble understanding the next step - it just doesn't make sense, and you wonder, "Did I miss a step?" Or you may have trouble hearing the person giving you instructions over the phone. But it’s very different when you have a person right next to you, in the flesh, going through each step. Here is Jesus who shows us the way, who is The Way.  He is the center.

We are all very different and unique – extremely unique, and God speaks to every one of us, in every different culture. He has a way for us. There are so many possibilities and ideas within cultures throughout the world, but we can watch Jesus because He has A Way. He uses concepts everyone can deal with and understand. For example, He tells stories using water, a rock, a fish, and grain.

Now Jesus says to think of Him as the Passover Lamb (1 Cor. 5:7). And He also tells us how to treat the world – there’s hunger, so take what you have and feed them (Mark 8:5). When people came to try and trap Him and get him into trouble with the law, Jesus said, “Give me a coin.” And there was Caesar, so Jesus said to give Caesar what’s his and to God, what is His (Luke 20:25).

Jesus also said not to get caught up in critiquing the different ways of expression, when He said, “If they’re not against us, they’re for us!” (Mark 9:40)

Beginning this past Wednesday, for 40 days, Christianity denies themselves to try and remember what God did for them. It is the way of love.

This is an excerpt from a sermon dated 3/06/11


  1. Even though Jesus points the way, many of us have had the din of our everyday life interfering with hearing the soft voice of the Lord. To sit still and truly listen is, for me, the hardest practice for me to follow. However, I haven't given up trying. Andria, I pray for a Lent full of spirituality for the both of us. Peace be with you.

  2. I am anticipating too! I see much of Jesus in your life my dear!