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Thursday, September 26, 2013


As I look at Psalm 4, it reminds me of what I hear in many of the other Psalms - Complaining and Whining. I don't disagree with that sentiment. There are plenty of things that are not right, unbalanced, unfair and  down right awful!

Our Government is whining about their lack of cash flow and they want to borrow more money and add to the trillions of dollars we already owe. What is a trillion dollars anyway?! When I run out of money, I don't buy (most of the time). I can whip out the credit card and delay the pain, but I still have to pay.

It aggravates me that the Government won't live on a budget. I have to live on a budget. Can they try to change their spending habits?! I know that sounds too simple. So I can whine and complain about what happens in our bureaucracy or I can look for another option. We have to be unprecedented. We have to do something that's unprecedented. The we is the Church. The church must be an unprecedented force.

Scripture tells me that 'Pure religion is taking care of orphans and widows' (James 1:27). That's a powerful start - the church taking care of the world's orphans?! And the world's widows?! This would be unprecedented.

A thorough search of the scriptures gives me a recipe for every pain I endure and the suffering I will meet in this world. There is no lack in God and through His Kingdom there is opportunity for me to bring hope to a lost and dying world.  So I'm in for the unprecedented in my corner of the world. I will do my part and learn to believe that God does hear me when I cry out in need of answers.

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