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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Day We Found Lily

I felt nervous, excited and a touch anxious all at the same time. We were kind of quiet in the car, on our way.

     “We should call her and let her know we’re driving out to her house and we’re just about there. Here, use my phone, she’s in my contacts,” I said to my son.
     “1100 that’s the street number mom, turn here!”
     “Oh, I love this house. It’s beautiful out here. What a place – lots of wide open space for them to run,” I said as we pulled into the drive, parked up closer to the barn and walked up to where a young woman was standing.
     “Hi, I’m Jennifer, nice to meet you. They’re all in the barn.”
     “So nice to meet you too Jennifer!” Big day for us – we had a dog in Africa, but we left Simba with the rest of his family. It wasn’t right to take him from his home. He’s an African dog and it’s nothing like Africa here. He may not have survived the culture shock!
Before the door swung all the way open, we could see 2 or 3 snouts pushed through the crack.
     “They’re so cute – beautiful! How old are they?”
     “3 -4 months. Do you want to see the father? He’s the lab.”

     So that’s how it all began last week– the day we met Lily, part German Sheppard, part Lab. When Chad woke up that morning he stepped on the case for Lily Allen’s CD, and so it was how Lily got her name. She was a very shy and bashful puppy….at first. The owners named her The Shy One. Docile didn’t even begin to describe her. At first we had to literally carry her everywhere because she was too timid to even move. But not anymore! The parsonage is in the city, so she began to have a little whine when she was missing us that grew into kind of a louder whine/grunt and last night she found her voice when a moped turned down the alley and sped by her domain!

I’m on the same page with Lily. Like her, I am finding my voice. I hope it’s strong and beautiful but not too loud to scare you off!

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  1. I love the way you connect Lilly finding her voice with your own discovery in your writing. And I agree with you, she IS adorable!