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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Defer and Prefer

When I prefer the inklings of someone else, especially when they are in disagreement with my own preferences, the delicious outcome is the appreciation that flows out of your friend, spouse, significant other or even a stranger, when they realize what you have done on their behalf.  Often times they may not have a clue about your 'sacrifice', however, preferring and deferring has it's own reward.

Five years ago when my husband sent me an e-mail from Zambia, I read between the lines and replied,"when are we all going back to Zambia?!" If I didn't go back with him, I would have missed all those struggles, challenges and life-changing experiences that have helped to shape our lives, especially our son.  We can look back and review the outrageous moments and laugh, and share in the pride of making it through incredible hardships. 

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  1. This is enticing, so I want to know more! What did you read between the lines? And just how did that visit to Zambia change your lives? Keep writing!